Data Analysis

A reliable tool for data analysis

Data analytics is changing the game for audit, accounting and finance professionals worldwide. When analyzing data, whether you’re detecting fraud or anomalies, trends or patterns, you need a solution that delivers error-free, high-quality results.

With Caseware IDEA data analysis, users can use powerful and automated analytics tools without wasting more staff time

Main advantages


access to 100+ common functions for helping with audit analysis, with which you can sort, analyze, compare and evaluate data, including Benford's Law, Fuzzy Duplicate, Gap Detection, tests for missing or duplicated items, unusual entries and more. Identification of trends and outliers.


built-in IDEAScript and Python development tools that will extend the capabilities and functionality of the software. API integration with YouControl, OpenDataBot, Trembita, Kyivstar and other open databases.


IDEA users get access to a large number of training resources, tutorials, videos, user portal, technical support.

Data export

easily export results to third-party solutions such as Excel, Tableau, PowerBi, Qlik Sense and other for receive additional data.

Data import

from any source: PDF, Excel, CSV, accounting programs, ERP systems, Python, SQL queries, etc.


record every step of repetitive processes to improve productivity, show results and save resources.


fast calculation of functions and complex mathematical models of a large array of data.


comprehensive reporting that allows you to visually identify patterns, trends and outliers using interactive dashboards.

For whom the software solution is suitable

For internal audit
For external audit
For the public sector

Nowadays, more and more companies continue to improve their business processes and the quality of their data, and now your team has the opportunity to deliver even greater value through data analytics capabilities. Assess control effectiveness, mitigate risk, and identify critical trends with data analytics. By automating procedures for analyzing transactions from the general ledger, accounts receivable, inventory, fixed assets and accounts payable, etc., it becomes possible to analyze 100% of transactions, ensuring that you provide the information that your stakeholders need. Caseware IDEA’s integrated package increases the productivity of internal audit teams by enabling you to:

  • prioritize high-risk areas. View data visualizations on customizable dashboards to quickly identify risk areas;
  • ‌analyze 100% of transactions, regardless of their type, volume or location, to detect every and each anomaly;
  • ‌quickly identify suspicious or fraudulent transactions;
  • create a control log to repeat the same analysis procedures;
  • ‌easily export results from IDEA to third-party solutions such as Excel, Tableau, PowerBi, Qlik Sense, etc. and other for receive additional data.

Due to the variety and large volume of data during the audit, there are difficulties with quick and effective analysis. Finding misstatements during audit procedures can seem difficult. Effective auditing is hindered by unstructured data that is not recorded as rows and columns but in an unstructured form, such as written reports in pdf format, information on third-party sites, information notes, etc., and data from multiple sources. With Caseware IDEA, you can validate different data sources as if they were a single entity and verify 100% of transactions. Data analytics contributes to the success of your audit firm by enabling you to:

  • ‌analyze unstructured data;
  • ‌save time and resources when defining basic tests and creating reports from scratch;‌
  • easy to speed up analysis and standardize work processes;
  • ‌record each step for repetitive processes;
  • access a wide range of tests which can save your time.

Caseware IDEA helps government agencies manage finances and IT solutions, receive deep data insights, and automate ongoing data analysis. This allows you to eliminate blind spots, stop improper payments and manage payments on time and within budget. Accelerate analysis with data analytics to: 

  • analyze 100% of data to monitor all actions and transactions for effective oversight;
  • automate audit tests to reduce routine work;
  • ‌present results and meaningful analytics on sharable dashboards;
  • protect data integrity by allowing read-only access to input/output information;
  • organize cross-departmental collaboration on real-time analysis.

Required products


Caseware IDEA is a comprehensive, powerful data analysis software. With a modern intuitive interface and advanced analytical functions, Caseware IDEA accelerates data analysis, guarantees their integrity, and provides convenience and ease of use for the user.

Caseware Cloud

aseware Cloud is a cloud-based platform that allows you to access, store, and share IDEA project data and other external sources with your team members in the cloud and more efficiently manage the audit, analytics process. Shared features eliminate the risk of data duplication and facilitate seamless collaboration.