Integrating CaseWare software with MS Office: CaseWare Connector

CaseWare Ukraine - CaseWare Connector

CaseWare Connector: bridging the gap between CaseWare software and Microsoft Office

CaseWare Connector integrates and automatically updates all the files from your CaseWare package in Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word. This means that you will always be working with the latest figures, even in your MS Office documents.

CaseWare solutions automate audit processes and help you close every financial year easily, accurately and completely. However, you will often still need to use Excel or Word documents to check calculations, make summaries or write explanations. CaseWare Connector bridges the gap between both systems.

Key Features

CaseWare Ukraine - Connector - Automatic integration

Automatic integration

Automatic integration of data from your digital CaseWare files into your Word and Excel documents
CaseWare Ukraine - Connector - Automatic updating

Automatic updating

When you amend data in CaseWare, your Excel or Word files are automatically updated too.
CaseWare Ukraine - Connector - Automatically adjusts the data

Automatically adjusts the data

Starting a new financial year? CaseWare Connector automatically adjusts the data.

Link Excel & Word Files with CaseWare

Suitable for in-house accounting teams as well as accountancy practices.

CaseWare Connector allows you to link and cross-reference CaseWare data to Excel workbooks and Word documents, ensuring that there is no need to re-key data, as the latest information will always be present in your CaseWare file.

Featuring a dynamic toolbar interface providing instant drop-down access to the whole financial database of an active client rapid switching between active clients, and a variety of convenient tools designed to simplify and streamline reporting between MS and CaseWare.  The result is reduced reviewer time.

CaseWare Ukraine - CaseWare Connector

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