Electronic tax reporting format SAF-t

SAF-T from the Caseware Ukraine company

Caseware Ukraine presents a new module based on Caseware IDEA product for generation and analysis of SAF-T file.

SAF-T (Standard Audit File Tax) is an electronic reporting standard in XML format for exchange of accounting data. From January 1, 2025, it is mandatory for large taxpayers to report standard tax audit files in electronic SAF-T format, and from January 1, 2027, it is mandatory to use SAF-T reporting for all VAT payers (Bill No. 6255 of November 2, 2021). Also, this bill defines penalties for failure to submit SAF-T UA: 100 minimum wages (UAH 650,000 as of 2022) – for large taxpayers.


The SAF-T Caseware solution

Allows you to generate a SAF-T file in XML format that displays data in the correct schema, ensuring compliance with tax reporting requirements. Additionally, it is have built-in data validation module. Data validation is carried out not only at the final stage of XML file generation, but also at each of the intermediate stages of filling the SAF-T file. The module is available for integration with various accounting systems and databases.

In addition to generating the SAF-T file in XML format, it is important for companies to understand that the file is prepared correctly and is fully consistent with the financial statements. Therefore, companies can additionally use the SAF-T file analysis module to make sure that their financial statements are prepared and validate based on tests.

For comprehensive details regarding the product, you may either review the information available here or seek further guidance through our consultation services. 

If companies use the Caseware Financials, tool for automating financial statements and converting them to iXBRL format, the import process will now be made easier for them, as the data can be imported directly from the SAF-T module without additional processing.

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