Endless data for retails

To understand why this is a hot topic today, let’s define the goals of any retail organization. The entire market of commercial companies has one global goal – to maximize profits. For retailers, this task is very difficult, since the model of its profitability is based on the study of customer behavior.

Recently, retail marketing has sought to bring a scientific element to marketing campaigns as there are many statistics that need to be used in some way. And mathematical and statistical tools helped to understand in more detail the behavior of the consumer. Smart marketers or data science departments use these tools to develop strategies.

With the help of modern technologies, companies can use more and more factors in models to study dependence, for example, the time of purchase, the list of products, location, amount, etc. Also, using AI tools, you can track the movement of the buyer in the store, which can also affect special behavior.

Where can this information be used?

In all processes in which the word “optimization” is present: price optimization, customer service optimization, order optimization, etc.

If everything is clear using the tools. Then the issue of computing power remains open. Where to process such a large amount of data? Also the question at the software level is how to implement such a system that would be very easy to use and flexible. Now there are many services on the market that provide their servers for storing and processing big data (cloud).

Recently, BI systems have become very popular, which are the ideal of automation in the data analysis industry. But the flexibility for ordinary users is often lacking. And the implementation of other ideas and calculations will entail additional rather big expenses.

Why is CaseWare IDEA unique?

Because the solution is very simple for any user, while retaining the very best characteristics of any data analysis software. Canadian developers did not stop there and built a Python programming language interpreter for advanced users who can create their own AI models. And to complete it all, CaseWare Cloud organizes the entire analysis process, and provides a file system with a degree of security on a par with large banks.

“What the requests are!” – said the database and froze…