GAP-analysis in audit

What is GAP analysis and why an auditor needs it?

Finally, where to use it? If your organization has a management system that needs to be certified or you want to check if it meets the requirements of a particular standard. Perhaps a new standard has been introduced and you need to know what changes are needed to comply. Your audit system needs Gap analysis.

For a more detailed discussion, let’s imagine that there is a company that is engaged in the production of a certain type of product in the market. There is evidence of a large cash flow and transactions for the period. To audit the risks of this section, you can not do without a Gap analysis. Data on the documentation of all branches of different regions, that’s all you have. Suppose there are document numbers that obviously correspond to a particular trend and order.

We will analyze using the Caseware IDEA program and suppose our data is 55 gigabytes and 25 million lines in size over a period. The GAP-analysis tool is built into the program, so in order to conduct a test we need to select this function on the toolbar and select the data that you want to analyze. After 15 seconds, we get a perfectly visualized result, while the program itself determines what type of data it is, even if the series of the document or its number, or both.

Caseware IDEA

Will stratify each break for each episode and indicate where they are. The reasons for these gaps may indicate failures in the accounting system, or changes in company policies, even fraud. As well as an example, you can conduct a GAP analysis by date which will help you in case of a new supplier to set a delivery date convenient for stable processes.

Despite the fact that there are many areas of business (audit, sales, customer service, personnel management) in which you can use Gap analysis, here are a few examples that illustrate a wide range of ways to research data based on this tool:

  • Performance. When the factory’s performance does not meet expectations, the target needs of the customers, or the set of business requirements that have been outlined, a Gap analysis can help determine which process needs to be fixed.
  • Sales efficiency. The manufacturer can look at the sales figures of his product catalog to make sure that they produce the right combination, and use the result to maximize the boundaries of their production capabilities.
  • Launching a new product. Аfter a company launches a new product, they can conduct a Gap analysis to determine why sales are not forecast.
  • Product Evaluation. An IT company can perform a gap analysis of its product to ensure that all the functions and functions outlined in the business requirements are present and working properly.

Gap analysis is very often carried out at the beginning of the path of an organization that is looking for compliance with the selected specification or standard, but it can also be done some research, because the organization wants to know where they are in relation to the corresponding standard, and they need to determine and find out what needs to be done to close these Gaps.

A good Gap analysis report usually provides a clear summary of where there are significant discrepancies between company documentation and selected requirements. It should also show a detailed list of each requirement and the degree of compliance, as well as the appropriate actions to be taken to bridge these gaps. This is a good tool to enhance the vision of organization processes.

Advantages of conducting Gap analysis in Caseware IDEA:
  • Receive an objective audit report, during the study of which create a clear plan to bridge identified gaps
  • Add real value to your management system.
  • Meet management system standards
  • Make sure your management system is implemented efficiently.
  • Avoid domestic political issues.
  • Let your employees focus on their core work.


Remember that the quality of actions is good when the actions of leading experts and the conduct of these actions in the latest revolutionary software solutions (systems) are good.

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