IDEA 11.2 – making life easier for auditors

Recently, CaseWare IDEA software developers and design specialists have worked hard to make IDEA more intuitive and easier to navigate.

This article will present the latest improvements and changes in the latest update.

Reporting functionality

Any auditor needs the ability to share conclusions that illustrate a potential risk of the control system or other problem.

The purpose and end result of an audit is an audit report consisting of the results of the audit. The function “Publications” will help, in a convenient format (for those who cannot consider the .IMD format), display the results, providing easy access to the results and source data in a convenient format. To share information to the client, the developers added a function to configure the SMTP server in IDEA.


Updated UI

As IDEA software has evolved over the years, a need appeared for a more modern user interface that would make IDEA more accessible and easier to use. In addition, the user interface has been updated to comply with industry standards and accessibility requirements.

Selection criteria for multiple values in a column field

Auditors often use filters in research. This can be done in many ways, but the most interactive and fastest wins. IDEA 11.2 introduces a smart new way to extend the concept of interactive filtering. This method allows the user to select more than one cell in one column and automatically generate the query formula needed to combine. It will allow you to create filters of any complexity.


The application in this update consists of 14 utilities (will be expanded in the future). Many of these utilities have been tailored to the needs of auditors to improve audit quality. This package enhances the IDEA user experience.

IDEA-Lab plugins

The following plugins have been added:

Get Next Get Previous – this plugin allows you to retrieve transactions by different criteria.

Unique records – searches for duplicate records without duplicates and unique values based on indexing.

Text Analysis – performs text analysis on a report, automatically generates a word rate histogram and other analysis.