When can you feel the effectiveness of using CaseWare Financials software?

CaseWare Financials software is designed to help users prepare and visualize IFRS financial statements quickly and with the least number of checks.

In the first year of use, some users may be faced with the need to adjust the main template for their purposes (adding additional notes, tables, calculations and reconciliations) – preparing a draft. This stage is the largest and most complex from the user’s point of view and takes more time than preparation in other systems. With the release of the Financials 5.0.0 template, it has become much easier to do this even in the first year of use – tap here

If there is no need to make changes, the effectiveness of the first year immediately = the effectiveness of the second year. If users are faced with the issue of preparing separate and consolidated reports, or several parallel projects, then efficiency is felt on each subsequent project. Users on the first project (perhaps a demo) configure the mapping, make test disclosures, add the necessary settings. With each subsequent preparation, all changes are saved.

The figure shows the comparative characteristics of the effectiveness of using the CaseWare Financials software over several years and a regular text editor.

Please note that this efficiency only takes into account the preparation of reporting and its visualization. An additional bonus of the program are UA XBRL IFRS taxonomy tags, which are already in the program by default. If necessary, users can modify them for their purposes. All settings are saved for subsequent projects and periods and allow users not to waste time preparing additional reports.

Adjust your pattern in the first year to experience x2 efficiency the next year.

And the CaseWare Ukraine team will gladly help you with this!

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