Updated template Audit Ukraine 24.00

The Caseware Ukraine team is pleased to announce that the updated Audit Ukraine 24.00 template is now available for download


This version of Audit Ukraine incorporates changes and new requirements in ISA 315 (revised in 2019) and is intended to clarify and assist auditors in identifying and assessing the risks of material misstatement more consistently and reliably. What has not changed is the audit risk model and the objective of identifying and assessing the risks of material misstatement at the financial statement and assertion levels, due to fraud or error, to help develop the auditor’s response. As a result of these changes and new requirements, to Audit Ukraine 24.00, an update was made. Before you update your template, please review the information below regarding content updates.

New forms

Added a worksheet to understand the flow of information in the business process in the Implementation of controls/end-to-end test procedures folder:

  • Worksheet 566 – Information flow – Business process

Added an additional checklist for counting agricultural assets in the Additional folder:

  • SUP3.110 Checklist for counting agricultural assets

Added an audit memorandum for audit engagements that comply with ISA 315 (Revised) and not ISA 315 (Revised 2019) in the Audit folder:

  • ONEFORMX. Memorandum on the results of the audit

Added a risk report for the assessment of inherent risk in accordance with ISA 315 (revised 2019) in the  Risk Assessment Summary folder:

  • 520E.8 Risk report – Assessment of inherent risk


Added risk reports for tasks according to ISA 315 (Revised) and not ISA 315 (Revised 2019) in different folders

  • 520E.101 Risk report – risk identification
  • 520E.102 Risk report – risk of fraud
  • 520E.103 Risk report – business risk
  • 520E.104 Risk report – risks by cycle
  • 520E.105 Risk report – summary of control risk assessment
  • 520E.106 Risk report – risk assessment
  • 520E.107 Risk report – risks covered by procedures


New profiles

Added three additional profiles for engagements under ISA 315 (Revised) instead of ISA 315 (Revised 2019):

Previous Oneform+

Previous Main

Previous Adapt for audit engagement


Removal of abbreviated forms

Abbreviated forms (with index C) have been deleted.



Known bugs and errors of previous versions have been fixed. Improved localization and translation.


Audit Ukraine 24.00 template is compatible with Working Papers version 2021 and higher. It is possible to update projects to version 24.00 only if they were previously updated or created based on the template Audit Ukraine 22.00 and higher.


For advice or instructions on how to update, please contact us at