Updated financial reporting template Financials 5.0.0

The CaseWare Ukraine company presents the updated financial reporting template Financials 5.0.0 😊

We have many, many changes that you can familiarize yourself with in the demo format to make a decision about the upgrade. You don’t need to install the program for the demo, you can view the accesses that we can share with you (you can make an application using the link).

The basis of the template is a new format that is more functional for the user himself and does not require settings from the CaseWare company.

The template is the maximum combination of the standard presentation of financial statements and the requirements of the UA XBRL Taxonomy of the IFRS.

Users can work on projects regardless of the release of the taxonomy to close their entire preparation of financial statements and sign off by auditors, and after the release of the taxonomy, update only the tags of the financial statements (if this is necessary, since the tags for subsequent periods are stored from the previous one).

More details. Major changes related to the new release of the Financials 5.0.0 template:

  1. The main function is the ability to add your own disclosures (copying from ready-made reporting, setting directly in the template, expanding mapping calculations). These can be both tables with manual information input, and users can also configure automated tables through the main formulas of the program. The template is more practical for the user. You can customize fonts, information display, automate text presentation (in a block of dates, articles that can be calculated based on existing imports, key phrase variables (interim/separate/consolidated reporting, for the year/period ended)).
  2. Reformatting the input of text blocks. In the new template, users enter the main text directly into the document, not through the Terminology (does not apply to table titles and headings!).
  3. Added the functionality of saving and transferring tags to the next period when the taxonomy is changed.
  4. The display of quarterly reporting has been configured, including an expanded profit and loss report with a cumulative total for the second and third quarters (at the user’s option).
  5. Added the ability to change the presentation format (disclosure of three periods by separate reports and separate notes).
  6. Fixed bugs in headers, table display when exporting/printing reports, rounded.
  7. Added new notes and modified existing ones.
  8. When closing the year, information is now transferred not only on imported data, but also on those that were entered manually in the project.

These are just the initial changes that have been made to the template based on an analysis of the previous year’s work.

Then more..


If you have additional questions, contact the email address financials@caseware.com.ua
or the phone number +38(099)-236-41-52 🙂