CASEWARE solutions for an audit company


Regardless of the size of your company , private practice or large audit company, CaseWare software solutions will be the best means for you to implement the audit process.


CaseWare software solutions have already become the choice for many leading companies around the world as a reliable tool for organizing the audit process. Our products have been trusted for 20 years, which guarantees quality and reliability.

Automated solutions and regulations have already been implemented in accordance With international audit standards, the ability to create individual libraries, indexed working documents, and the ease of generating a risk report.

CaseWare has everything you need for productive and successful work.

CaseWare can adapt to even the most complex audit and accounting tasks.

Moreover, our cloud solutions open up the possibility of effective and secure collaboration. No matter where you are-in the office, at the client’s company, at the airport, on the road – our cloud solutions will allow you to work online without worrying about data security. Team members can now work and view documents in real time with all data that is synced automatically.


CaseWare software solutions have already become the choice for many leading companies around the world as a reliable tool for organizing the audit process.

CaseWare includes all the stages of the audit, from accepting the client and planning the audit to issuing the audit report. All stages of the audit include mandatory procedures in accordance with International audit standards. The program automatically updates according to the latest versions of the standards.

CaseWare allows you to work remotely, regardless of the location of the client and team. The program allows you to easily import/export information to Word, Excel, PDF, and other formats.

You can also upload customer data from 60 accounting packages, including 1C, SAP, and get a total consolidated balance according to your format.


CaseWare Cloud solutions allow you to get an understanding of the involvement of each employee in the process, which gives you an additional opportunity for clear work planning.

All workflows are centralized, without the need for additional servers.

In addition, all team members can work simultaneously in the same Working Papers file, using up-to-date data as they work.


CaseWare software solutions fully automate the process of forming, consolidating and transforming group/company statements in accordance with International financial reporting standards. Full automation eliminates the risk of data distortion and allows you to update data instantly.

At the same time, the software allows you to completely move away from paper media, systematize the processes of financial reporting, data consolidation, and increase the level of control.

You will be able to create your own financial reports from a variety of resources and working documents, and full synchronization of all working documents in different formats will simultaneously strengthen and simplify the reporting processes.

The software provides the ability to upload data from 1C, SAP, and create cross-links from your working documents in Word and Excel directly to reports.

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