access whole new world of risk and control

Convenient, cost-effective and easy-to-use, CaseWare RiskSpace is a new online community that lets you quickly download free content to help you identify risks, related controls and management letter comments. What’s more, you can also help expand and improve the selection.


Quickly download free content

RiskSpace already has over 100 risks, hundreds of controls and 200 management letter comments, all available for download at no charge. All you need is a free MyCase membership.

Easily find what you’re looking for

Conveniently organized, each risk contains detailed information including description, date added, category and more, as well as additional information such as associated industries, affected areas, and controls.

Incorporate into CaseWare Working Papers

Working Papers users can access and download RiskSpace content and easily copy it into engagement files.

Help build better libraries

As an online community, RiskSpace users can add or fine-tune the risk-based content, creating better standards for the industry and streamlining the overall process for all accounting professionals.

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