Why eliminating manual data re-entry is the best thing for your practice?

Manual entry elimination

Going paperless, adopting cloud tools or creating a client portal are all major technology initiatives that make a huge improvement to efficiency within your practice. However, one routine activity with a corrosive effect on your efficiency is manual data (re)entry. Tackle that and you’ll make huge time-savings as well as improving data accuracy.

Ensure data accuracy

We saw a trend in successful companies and practices using integrated solutions, rather than separate packages for different areas of compliance work. From many years of experience, they know that transferring data from one software solution to another not only takes a lot of time, but also is prone to errors and creates a risk.

The main driving forces of many companies are reducing costs, streamlining work processes and more environmentally friendly work. While the goal is completely paperless work, any reduction in the amount of paper benefits both the end result and the experience of the client as a whole.

With these benefits in mind, why do some firms hesitate to replace paper-based processes with electronic document management?

They may be daunted by the perceived investment of time and budget required or be reluctant to change time-honoured working practices. Some of our customers have also told us that their clients won’t make the change, won’t respond as promptly to information sent electronically and won’t value a PDF as much as a nicely bound set of accounts.

Real-time access to information

If, at a conservative estimate, it typically takes three minutes to search for a paper document, the lost chargeable time can run into thousands every year. Removing that task from day-to-day processes frees that time for higher value work. What’s more, using electronic document management provides greater visibility over all information.

How can CaseWare help?

CaseWare software solutions are designed for professional accountants, stationary and cloud control to prepare financial statements. It allows you to increase the level of control, completely move away from paper, systematize the processes of preparing financial statements and data consolidation. Full automation eliminates the risk of data corruption and updates them instantly.

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