Why do we need to love IDEA 11.2?

To be the market leader, you need to constantly evolve. The CaseWare IDEA development team has increased performance to match the performance of your PC or server station. Also, CaseWare programs, including IDEA, are aimed at a full-fledged user experience.  It is important to remember that the demands of auditors and other financial professionals are growing.

New features and improvements

The new version of IDEA offers more options with access to a variety of applications in the portal.  More options to speed up the automation of testing data. 

Here’s a quick overview of the major changes.

Exceptional Exceptions GL tool – this app uses 24 parameters-based tests to help identify fraud activity in the ledger:

  • Unusual combinations of account postings
  • Unusual transactions
  • Abnormal debits / credits for certain accounts.

The application provides instructions for all tests and also allows you to select parameters that will help you rank each test according to the degree of risk.  The results are also provided in the generated IDEA files and Power BI dashboard.

Expansion of import options:

  • ACL v6.5 – v13
  • Advanced Record Definition Editor
  • AS400
  • Auditfile Financial
  • CaseWare Accounting Package
  • CaseWare Working Papers
  • dBase
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Excel
  • ODBC
  • Print Report and Adobe PDF
  • XML

Also IDEA 11.2 allows exporting Text and Excel datasets up to 255 columns.

 More organization in using scripts to create macros.  It is easier to customize the location of IDEA Script, Visual Scrip and Python macros. You can also set up a notification to your personal mail about the successful or unsuccessful use of the macro.

 Interoperability with Python – IDEA added a special package IdeaLib that will allow you to configure two-way communication between IDEA and Python.  It can convert a Pandas DataFrame (a frame tool that analysts often use in their research) to an IDEA database and vice versa.

 If you do not know how to use scripts in your research, the CaseWare team develops the IDEA Lab portal where they also fills with various useful ready-made applications that will help you in your analysis.

 Testing has shown that IDEA 11 outperformed IDEA 10 in performance by 20%, it depends on many factors.  But one of the most important is the transition to a 64-bit system, which will fully allow you to use all the power of your processors with a 64-bit structure.  Now, processing multi-million dollar rows in the database will take a moment.